IRS Audits and Appeals

If you are being audited or want to appeal the results of a recent audit, let us make sure you get the best possible result. As a tax attorney and trial lawyer, I represent clients from “Audit to Tax Court.” This means that the same lawyer that represents you during an audit can be the same that represents you before the Tax Court. Consistent representation by the same lawyer is essential to an advantageous and efficient process.

The tax audit is often the most important part of the tax controversy process. During this time, you need both a good offense and defense against the IRS, and you need to make sure you preserve the strength of your case in the event that you can’t reach an agreement with the IRS . As your attorney, I will communicate with the IRS on your behalf, present facts and legal authority to reduce the amount of tax the IRS says you owe, negotiate settlements or payment arrangements, and potentially identify situations where the IRS owes you money!

Tax Collection

If your property is being levied or at risk of being seized by the IRS and you can’t afford to lose your home, wages, or other property to the IRS, call us. We can present a defense to the IRS and fight for the release of liens, levies, frozen refunds, or trust fund penalty liabilities. We can also help you obtain alternative solutions to the IRS’ collection efforts, including helping you reach an Installment Agreement, Offer in Compromise, or a “Currently not Collectible Status.” We can also help determine whether you qualify for “innocent spouse relief” from taxes incurred during your marriage.

Additionally, we can help you determine whether Bankruptcy is a practical solution to your tax debts. As a former Special Assistant United States Attorney, I represented the United States’ interests in Bankruptcy Court. With this background I can ensure that your interests are protected to the full extent and that you receive the best possible solution to resolution of your tax debts through Bankruptcy.

Tax Litigation

Whether you are disputing an IRS Notice of Determination or Notice of Deficiency in Tax Court or suing the IRS for a refund in the Southern District of Florida United States District Court, Lapekas Law can represent you. Only those admitted to practice before the United States Tax and District Court can represent you in cases before these Courts. If your accountant or representative is not admitted, he or she cannot file or respond to pleadings or present your case when it is called for trial. Are you ready to interview witnesses, testify, face the cross-examination of an IRS attorney, cross-examine an IRS’ witness and respond to the IRS’ evidentiary objections?

As an attorney for the IRS, I watched countless individuals mismanage their cases, destroy their credibility, miss opportunities to prevail on issues, and miss deadlines – mistakes that experienced tax attorneys could have prevented or mitigated. In tax litigation, your money, your assets, your reputation, and your privacy are at stake. Let us help you protect them.